Environmental Sustainability

We recognize that we have a role to play in preserving natural resources and biodiversity while combating pollution and climate change. We’re committed to minimizing our main impacts on the environment, primarily through energy use, business travel and waste management.

Our Environmental Impact

We continually aim to minimize the environmental impact of our operations whilst also working with our clients to support their sustainability initiatives.

We are currently addressing the following key environmental impacts:

  • Energy consumption: approximately 70% of our electricity usage is linked to our data centers, in which we host our clients’ IT equipment. As part of our program of data center improvement, we have recently opened the Merlin Data Center which we believe to be the world's most sustainable. We actively monitor our power consumption in both offices and data centers to identify energy efficiency savings. We also offer training in environmental management for key facilities and property managers
  • Business travel: our business travel by road, rail and air as well as hotel stays all contribute to our carbon footprint. We favor the use of videoconferencing and messenger services, where appropriate, enabling us to reduce business travel between our offices around the world. We also address our company car fleets emissions by setting emission caps and promoting hybrid vehicles
  • Waste management: from refits to refurbishments, our business activities generate waste. We provide recycling facilities in our offices, and employ environmentally friendly disposal and electronic equipment recycling. We also manage waste with the help of appropriately certified and licensed organizations


Our Environmental Priorities

Our Group Environmental Policy sets out our environmental priorities, which is currently being implemented across Capgemini offices worldwide.
We are ISO14001-certified in Belgium, Brazil, France (Sogeti), India, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the UK. Other countries are working toward their certifications. In the UK, Capgemini is currently the only company in its sector that is EMAS and ISO 50001 accredited.
Additionally, Capgemini upholds the principles of the UN Global Compact and is a signatory of the UN’s Caring for Climate program, which promotes environmental responsibility and environmentally friendly technologies.
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