Client Services

We understand that our clients are looking for practical solutions to address their sustainability challenges. To meet this demand, we are investing in the development of new expertise and services to meet these challenges.

Capgemini's Smart Energy Services Platform

Leveraging our Capabilities for Maximum Sustainability

We leverage our own sustainability experience to improve our clients’ environmental performance, adopting a collaborative approach. Capgemini’s professionals combine their knowledge of consulting, technology and outsourcing to maximize sustainability, manage risks and identify new business opportunities for our clients. Our approach to sustainability also ensures we are aligned with the needs of our public sector clients.

When recommending "greener" IT infrastructure and solutions, we create action plans that:

  • Identify the impact and risks of sustainability
  • Assess the impact of existing and forthcoming legislation
  • Analyze the technology landscape and its implications
  • Build tools to monitor and report progress and facilitate compliance

Creating Customer-Focused Solutions

Sustainability is embedded in many of the solutions we offer. By fostering innovation, it provides concrete benefits to our clients. Some of our key solutions include:

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